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Best Jeep Safari Tours in Ooty

Jeep safari tours in Ooty are the best ones to plan in order to explore this beautiful gem to the core. Located in Southern India amongst the Western Ghats, Ooty is a small town filled with tough terrain, scenic beauty and some very famous tea museums and estates. Being a town situated amongst the mountains, the temperature here is always soothing just what a perfect hill station needs. Ooty is famous not only for its tea but also for the various sanctuaries and the diverse wildlife that one can find here. The best way to explore this town would be a bumpy ride on a Jeep. Jeeps safaris are a must when you are in Ooty. Riding through the lush green forests with the wind blowing through your hair and fresh oxygen everywhere, one can find peace and calm in the forests of Ooty that are lost in the hustle bustle of daily life. Now there many routes for the Jeep safari as even though Ooty is a small town every inch of it is equally beautiful. The most famous safari route is the ooty bhavani Coonoor kotagiri Jeep Safari. Situated about 2345 meters above the sea level, this place has some of the most majestic and breathtaking sights.


The panoramic views and the gigantic mountains make one experience the most memorable trip of their life. One can go through the tea trail and explore the tea estates present here to know more about the orthodox methods of preparing tea. Then comes the Bhavani  Hills that have a special aura that connects to one's soul and makes them feel calm. One can also go trekking to the mountaintops of senkotai . Taking a Jeep safari in Ooty at night is, even more, fun and adventurous. The starlit sky and the moonlight give the whole place a scary yet pleasant feel. One can visit the Mudumalai  Wildlife Sanctuary to masinagudi jeep rental witness the wild and be astounded. Perfect for a family holiday, one can do lots of things here like sightseeing, boating, rock climbing, trekking, safaris and so on.

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